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Daily Inspiration: 9/8/15




Your words, actions, and thoughts are extremely powerful.

Daily Inspiration: 8/31/15


Daily Inspiration: 8/26/15


These attributes can apply to life in general, not just leadership. However, any person in a managerial role that I have respected possessed all of the qualities and more. We need more leaders like this in the world! #WisdomWednesday

Daily Inspiration: 8/25/15


Live a life of love ✌

Daily Inspiration: 8/24/15


Daily Inspiration: 8/7/15

My eyes

Daily Inspiration: 8/6/15

If You Are Struggling...


There is no wrong or right way to deal with the struggles of life. I think everyone’s journey and perspective is unique. Therefore, you have to dig deep through trial and error to figure out what works for you. Self-preservation is not a bad thing; it’s essential.

Daily Inspiration: 8/3/15

Monday Motivation


There’s always someone that has it worse than you. I find that helping others allows me to help myself as well because it gives my life meaning and purpose. I encourage you to do the same because a small act of kindness can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life.

Daily Inspiration: 7/28/15 Watch “The Story Behind the Book “Against All Odds: 4th…” on YouTube

The Story Behind the Book “Against All Odds: 4th…:

There’s no way you can listen to this story and not feel inspired. Please take the time out of your day to see why I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing, hardworking, and ambitious father. He gave me one of the greatest gifts and that’s my passion for writing. He epitomizes the idea that it doesn’t matter where you come from in life. As long as you never give up, the world is your oyster!

Daily Inspiration: 7/27/15


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