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Daily Inspiration: 9/30/15


There’s nothing better than peace of mind! ✌ #wisdomwednesday

Daily Inspiration: 9/28/15


Be that one today! #morninginspiration

Daily Inspiration: 9/11/15

simply do

Daily Inspiration: 9/9/15

ups and down

So powerful! We take so many things for granted. This is an excellent reminder that we need both the good and the bad to truly appreciate and experience a full life.  Being able to feel makes us human and reminds us that we’re alive. There’s no coming back from the alternative.

Daily Inspiration: 9/8/15




Your words, actions, and thoughts are extremely powerful.

Daily Inspiration: 8/31/15


Daily Inspiration: 8/25/15


Live a life of love ✌

Daily Inspiration: 8/12/15

Just a Thought

Just a thought… simple and profound.

Daily Inspiration: 8/7/15

My eyes

Daily Inspiration: 8/6/15

If You Are Struggling...


There is no wrong or right way to deal with the struggles of life. I think everyone’s journey and perspective is unique. Therefore, you have to dig deep through trial and error to figure out what works for you. Self-preservation is not a bad thing; it’s essential.

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