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Monday Motivation 8/28/2017

I was going through some of my yearbooks and was pleasantly reminded of all the wonderful people that have impacted my life. It’s amazing how someone can see your potential even when you can’t. I’m eternally grateful for teachers like Mrs. Baynes. She pushed me and helped me find my artistic voice. In fact, I continue to use many of the skills she taught me to this day.

In a world where so many people want to tear you down and make you feel small, I’m so glad that I had a strong support system that enabled me to sift through the noise and focus on the positive. I’ll be sharing some more memories throughout the week.


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Daily Inspiration: 9/30/15


There’s nothing better than peace of mind! ✌ #wisdomwednesday

Hello March


I can’t believe it’s already March! This year is going by so fast 🙂




National Readathon Day


Spread the word! Pick up a book, newspaper, magazine, or read a blog from 12 – 4 PM 😉

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