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Ashley Greene: Ladii Luv Inc.


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ashley Greene for a little over a year and she is by far one of the hardest workers I’ve ever encountered. Saying she’s a jack of all trades is an enormous understatement. She juggles being a mom, entrepreneur, hair stylist, and retailer like it’s nothing. More importantly, her infectious, bubbly demeanor makes it impossible to be in a bad mood around her. The world would definitely be a better place if more people like her existed.


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As a fellow entrepreneur, I admire her tireless work ethic, creativity, and superb customer service. Ashley Greene is the founder and CEO of Ladii Luv Inc. She is currently designing her own accessories like this wooden purse, which will soon be reproduced.


Custom Wooden Purse

Custom Wooden Purse

As women, I believe that it’s imperative that we support each other. She was kind enough to show my brand some love on her Instagram, so I thought I’d return the favor. Please help my friend grow her business by showing her some love on Instagram (@ladiiluvinc).

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