With so many negative things going on in the world, it’s important to remember all the good things that sometimes get overlooked. Contrary to popular belief there are lots of wonderful people left in the world like my good friend Travis. I recently had the pleasure of filming a testimonial for his new clinic, Infinity Chiropractic, in Missoula, Montana.



I met Travis McDermott two years ago when I accompanied my mom on her chiropractic appointment. I was having problems with my back and he suggested that I try chiropractic adjustments. I’ll admit I was extremely skeptical because everything about getting adjusted petrified me from the popping sounds to the neck turning. However, I had reached my breaking point since medicine, Icy Hot, and just plain ice weren’t cutting it anymore.

Initially my heart was racing, I cried (a lot) and I could barely breathe every time I came in for an adjustment. The average person would have dropped me like a hot tamale and told me to seek treatment elsewhere and cut their losses. Being the kindhearted and determined individual that Travis is, he accepted the challenge of helping overcome my fears and allow him to help me by figuring out to ease my anxiety. Music was the key to getting my mind off of the “impending doom” of getting adjusted. It allowed me to relax, find my happy place and let him do his job. Once I was able to calm my body down enough for the adjustments to become effective I began seeing a tremendous decrease in my low back. When I started there were days that I could barely sit up without feeling agonizing pain. Now I can go as I please and I feel like I got my life back.

I am a firm believer in paying it forward and there is no one more deserving of praise and recognition than Travis. I encourage you to support my friend because he is a genuine, humble, God-fearing and thoughtful family man that could use some help. He recently opened his own clinic and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s given so much to so many that it’s time for someone to do something for him! If you’ve ever started your own company you know how important it is for small businesses to find clients and gain brand recognition. I would be so appreciative if you could help me spread the word about his clinic and help his social media grow.

Thanks in advance for your help! Have a great week everyone:)


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