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Daily Inspiration: 2/18/15



I think many of us take listening for granted because we are too concerned with making sure our point gets across. However, I thoroughly enjoy listening to other people! Every person that you come into contact with has their own life experiences and opinions. Listening to stories or having deep conversations with people forces me to look at life from a different vantage point and I love seeing the beautiful vulnerability that comes with expressing your truth. I implore you to really listen and give your undivided attention throughout the week and I promise you’ll be amazed by what you learn from others 🙂

Daily Inspiration


This quote was too good not to share! It’s practically one of my life mantras. I pride myself on being independent, but sometimes you can’t make it on your own. Don’t let your ego keep you in a rut. Asking for help takes courage and it can save you from a lot of unnecessary heartache. Your family and friends would rather see you happy, so don’t feel like you’re burdening them. Life troubles aren’t nearly as bad when you have a good support system, so utilize your inner circle 🙂


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