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Daily Inspiration

piano metaphor


It’s been a pretty challenging week thus far. I came across this quote and it helped me put things into perspective. Times may get rough and there will definitely be days where you just want to throw in the towel. I have learned that the difficult times in life make you stronger and remind you how precious life is. It’s important to take both the good and the bad in stride because in the end the light and the dark are both essential to the human experience.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Daily Inspiration


Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I plan on doing some serious writing. I have several posts in the works, but I’m most excited about my trip down memory lane. Since I’m approaching the big 30th birthday in May, I find it befitting to write about the milestones of my twenties. It’s been quite the roller coaster, but my experiences made me stronger and helped me realize the type of woman I envisioned myself becoming. The series of blogs will be titled My Journey from I Know Everything to Enlighten Me. Each post will center around a certain topic such friendship, money, love, family, etc. I hope you’ll enjoy it and maybe learn a thing or two.

Stay tuned….

Daily Inspiration



Here’s a little food for thought. I can only hope that every time I share a new post it touches all that chose to read it. Never be afraid to share your truth. You help yourself by confronting your demons and most of all you give others permission to do the same. I may not be rich or popular, but I pride myself on my selflessness and willingness to help others.

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Daily Inspiration


It’s time we embraced Mondays!

I’m the first to exclaim “I got a bad case of the Mondays.” In honor of my desire to think more positively, I chose to start the week off on a good note. I encourage you to do the same. After all, positivity is contagious and we can definitely use some in the wake of all the recent tragedies in the world. Hope everyone has a blessed week!

Daily Inspiration



It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. After all we’re only human. However, I think it is imperative that we talk about our blessings more than our trials because it does affect your entire demeanor. Being negative not only hurts you, but it also has a domino effect on all the people around you. When you speak positively you encourage others and build yourself up in the process.

I know my blog has focused a lot on how I deal with depression. Some people may perceive that as dwelling on the negative. I beg to differ. Writing about my depression is my way of taking back control of my emotions by not allowing them to consume me. Being open about my struggles gives me a stronger sense of self and hopefully inspires others to share their truth.

I am truly grateful to have a platform to speak openly about my experiences. I appreciate everyone that has read, shared, or commented on my blog. It makes my day every time I see a notification on my phone about my blog. It is quite surreal to see that several people across the globe are reading my work. You have all touched my heart and words cannot express how you’ve enriched my life. Free speech is important because everyone has the right to voice their opinion. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and all the friends and families of the victims.

Je suis Charlie!

Daily Inspiration

coldplay every teardrop lyric

One of my favorite pastimes is listening to Coldplay. Their lyrics are so poignant and truly resonate with my soul. The song “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is one of the best songs ever because it’s infectiously positive and relatable. It reminds me to see the silver lining in every situation and embrace life to the fullest. The phrase “I’d rather be a comma, then a full stop” perfectly sums up why I fight everyday to be the best version of myself. There is nothing worse than feeling stagnant. You have to keep moving in order for change to occur. Once you stop trying or throw in the towel you give up the chance to progress. I have always had a fighting spirit that never wanted to accept defeat. Every time I reach my breaking point or lose my way, I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come and how much more I need to accomplish.

This song perfectly describes the euphoria you feel when you’re having a bad day and turn on your favorite song and forget all your troubles. To quote Perks of Being a Wallflower, “in that moment I swear we were infinite.”

It also encourages you to celebrate the “in between” phase. It’s so easy to focus on creating and achieving our goals. In fact, we do it so much that we often forget about the here and now. The present can be just as rewarding. It is a gift after all!  My gift to you is sharing my life experiences and this wonderful song.

Have a great day 🙂

Daily Inspiration


Life is all about perspective.

Life is all about perspective.


I often focus on what’s going wrong in my life instead of being thankful for all that I’ve been given. Reading this allowed me to remember how fortunate I am to have shelter, food, transportation, and the ability to read and write. The things we take for granted are what others are praying for everyday. If you feel like you’re having a bad day, stop and think it could be a whole lot worse.

I hope you have an awesome week!

Goals for 2015




I found these little treasures on Pinterest and I had to share them! These are all excellent ways to start the year on a positive note. I plan to write future posts on how I implemented each of these into my life. I challenge you to do the same 🙂

Daily Inspiration


I have been going through a difficult time as of late and this quote really resonated with me. Trying to turn a negative situation into a positive is easier said than done. However, I believe it’s an essential part of progressing as an individual and never losing sight of your goals.

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. I hope everyone has a great week 🙂


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