This article speaks the sad truth about a lot of African-Americans as well as society in general today. In my own experience, I received nothing but obstacles when trying to get help from my own race (as well as others) regarding career, mentoring, and/or business aspirations. Instead of lending a helping hand, we are so quick to deter emerging talent because we are too afraid of them taking our spot or worse doing better than us. I always try to be the difference in someone’s life because I know how it feels to have your talent exploited and for people to dismiss you.

Having pride in your culture is wonderful and I respect your right to do so. ¬†However putting so much emphasis on our differences only leads to an us versus them mentality. Though we’ve all experienced different injustices within each race, we must not forget that we’re all a part of one race, the human race. Therefore when one of us wins we should all look at it as a positive. I pray that our society will come to the conclusion that there’s power in numbers and supporting one another helps everyone including yourself.

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