The absurd events of the past 48 hours have given me much to reflect upon. I started out my week on a sour note. Waking up to a massive sinus headache, lower back pain, and stomach cramps is not my ideal way to begin the workweek. Needless to say, I called in sick from work and spent the rest of the day popping pills and catching some zzz’s.

Before I went to bed, I prayed that the Lord would give me some relief since I really can’t afford to miss any work right now. I woke up that afternoon (yes, I love to sleep and when I’m off I don’t wake up until sometime after 1 PM at least. I’m single with no children and I take full advantage of it!!) to a wonderful surprise snow!!!!

This was the glorious view from our front door.

Snow 2

Let it snow!

Being born and raised in Powder Springs, GA, you come to the realization that snow is few and far between, so when we get it you have to enjoy it while it lasts because it’ll probably be another decade or so before you see it stick again. Lol Seeing all the other states get snow recently made me extremely jealous. Yesterday was bitter sweet because I still didn’t feel well enough to enjoy the snow, so I was reduced to admiring it from my window. Little did I know the chaos that was about to ensue.

While I was moping around my warm, food-filled house, thousands of people were scrambling to get home. I turned on the TV and shortly realized that regular programming didn’t air due to the storm coverage. The meteorologists were advising people to be careful coming home because the storm was going to get progressively worse throughout the day. As school closings began to form at the bottom of the screen, I thought to myself “Why were they in school in the first place? Georgia has cancelled school for circumstances less severe than this.”

Before long, I logged on to Facebook to see several of my friends complaining about traffic and frantically trying to get home to be with their families or worse, pick up their children from school. As each hour went by the situation went from bad to unthinkable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. All the accidents and traffic was like nothing I had ever seen, nor would want to see, in my lifetime. I felt so selfish for complaining about being sick. While I was wallowing in self-pity, people were having real, life-threatening problems like being stuck in the cars for 15+ hours with no food or water and no refuge in sight.


Unfortunately, it always takes moments like this to realize how blessed you truly are. I work in downtown Atlanta and had I not cut my hours to address issues I’ve been having with my back, I could have been one of those people. It’s amazing how some things you think are a trial turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I felt so helpless watching all the news stories about children and the elderly stuck in their cars or school buses. I did the only thing I could do PRAY.

Once I finished, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the goodwill being shown throughout the state. I commend all the people that opened up their homes, businesses, and more importantly their hearts to assist all the people affected by this storm. Several websites and news stations did an excellent job of keeping the public informed about the progression of the storm, where to find shelter, what numbers to call for assistance, and last but not least, educating the rest of the country about the seriousness of what happened once we were declared a state of emergency. It’s quite remarkable how the world can make a jaded person like myself believe in humanity again. For all the negativity that has transpired, its nice to know that good prevailed.

Since the people of Georgia did their part by coming together and helping each other, now it’s time for the government to do theirs.  I was absolutely disgusted to hear the excuses being given by the Mayor, Governor, and GDOT. Not to mention, the gauged towing costs and unnecessary car damages.  You can’t tell people to stay off the roads only to penalize them financially for not moving their cars. I don’t feel that the patrons should have to pay for the mistakes of their representatives.  Anytime children are stuck in school for more than 24 hours, people have to sleep in gas stations, abandon their cars, and/or walk home alone in the middle of the night is unacceptable!

I have the utmost respect and admiration for all the teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, etc. that worked overtime and sacrificed being with their families to take care of others. You should be publicly acknowledged and compensated for your efforts. My mother is a retired teacher so I know first hand the sacrifices you make day in and day out. I hope one day your salaries will reflect the tireless work you do every year.

This is my opinion based on my personal experience, but I’d love to hear your reactions to the Snowpocalypse. Feel free to comment or share your thoughts, pictures, video, etc. !

(News articles and videos courtesy of WSB-TV, 11 Alive News, and CNN.)